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Liang Jing, a famous anchorwoman, had a surprisingly high IQ and EQ and was rich and capable. To help her husband, Wang Hai, to start a business successfully, she quit her job at the peak of her career and became a housewife, willingly sacrificing for her family. However, her family was not as perfect as it appeared. She conflicted with her aggressive mother-in-law over the problem of having children. Her cousin Shanshan, who lived in their house, tried to seize her home and seduce her husband. Shanshan, Wang Hai, and Liang Jing’s mother-in-law teamed up to frame her, trying to drive her away without giving her a penny. Liang Jing was furious when she found out about the conspiracy. She then fought back coldly. She oppressed Shanshan, fixed her mother-in-law, and elaborately plotted to trick Wang Hai into giving her his corporate stock and real estate. When desperate Wang Hai tried to kill Liang Jing, Shanshan finally came to her senses and died with Wang Hai. Liang Jing became a truly independent woman and started her new life.
Released: 2023-12-21
Genre: Drama
Casts: N/A
Duration: N/A min
Country: China
Production: Youku,

Watch Deadly Women (2023) Online Free

Deadly Women (2023) Online Free

Where to watch Deadly Women (2023)

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